Why to buy Gold and Silver

The world's financial system is under great stress. Public and private debts are nearly unservicable even with historically low interest rates. Governments around the world, whose fiscal policies have failed are resorting to currency wars in an attempt to capture what little growth can be squeezed from world trade. The global financial system is a house of cards, debt upon debt upon debt. Prosperity has been borrowed from the future time and again and now the bills are due.

Ultimately the losses must be taken by someone, via bankruptcies or via currency devaluation and a lower standard of living. The question is who will that someone be? The burden is effectively being passed around like a hot potato. When the music stops, who will be left holding the bag?

The aim of this site is to dissect this from a macro-perspective, to educate about how the banking system and national currencies operate and to suggest ways to protect yourself. Ultimately it is the belief of this writer that gold and silver are the best ways to achieve that, not least because of the lack of counterparty risk.

In these times, there are myriad reasons to own gold and silver, all converging together to make precious metal ownership a wise thing to do and a potential way to store wealth, for both the conservative saver and speculator alike. There are a lot of facets to the whole subject, many of which we touch on in this website but in essence the following assertions will be explored.


How to buy Gold and Silver

There are a number of ways to invest in gold and silver; coins, bullion and stocks/shares. Each have their upsides and downsides.



  • Easy to take personal possession of.
  • They can be totally private.
  • No account/storage fees.
  • Their quality is guaranteed by the mint. That means they will be readily accepted as payment during a currency crisis and you don't need costly assays to determine their metal content.
  • You own physical metal, not paper contracts that could go up in smoke.
  • They're a convenient, liquid and easily divisble way of spending during a currency crisis.
  • Easily divisible for inheritance purposes and free from government scrutiny and/or tax.
  • Difficult to confiscate.